Solid Horsemanship, Market Savvy, Superior Technology ™

Market Savvy

The bidding and buying expertise we developed as top consultants takes your dollar further.
An expansive network of industry insiders provides us with the reliable, incisive information necessary to successfully navigate the racehorse market. Coupled with our evaluation edge, this uncommon auction and general marketplace dexterity consistently steers us to the right talent at the right price.

After all, the true race to the finish line doesn’t begin at the starting gate — it begins at auction.

Your advance team at auction.


EQB’s exclusive service AUCTIONSCOUT™ allows buyers to narrow their prospect list down considerably at auction from literally hundreds of Thoroughbreds.

Knowledge cannot replace simple observation.

We arrive days to a week before auctions with a professional team to do the sheer quantity of work required to be thorough – traditional horsemanship, common sense, and high tech.  And, to do a completely thorough, efficient, and effective job at auction demands a great deal of work. It starts months beforehand at the farms. It also requires advance research into data banks and industry publications. You can’t just have your one person, even a terrific trainer, take a day or two off and expect to get all that done.

There are hundreds (or thousands) of horses on the auction grounds to be examined physically. There are numerous grooms, jockeys, handlers, consignors— all with important information to share on a horse’s attitude, health, soundness, and habits (in addition to knowledge regarding how much interest other buyers have expressed).

We use  the time and manpower and technology to do that legwork thoroughly — and effectively.

Bidding Services

To bid successfully and prudently at auction requires very specific knowledge and experience. You need to know who else is bidding and what that means. You need to know the reserve on the horse, how much it was bought for previously, the stud fee of its sire, the previous prices of its siblings and relatives, the averages and trends at the auction, and so forth.

Not only can we secure the critical information, we can synthesize it into smart decisions and winning bids.

Think of EQB as your advance team at auction. We like to show up “unfashionably early” so our clients can make the most of their own time and expertise by working from our “short list” of the best available prospects.