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EQB & Houyhnhnm Management

Jeffrey Seder reviews samples of his proprietary digitized slow-motion video gait analysis at a Florida auction.

Jeffrey Seder

EQB & Houyhnhnm Stables Founder and CEO

His 35 years of equestrian experience includes exercise riding racehorses, racehorse and racehorse farm management, and the publication of numerous refereed scientific journal articles on his research in Thoroughbred sports medicine. A graduate of Harvard, Harvard Law, and Harvard Business School, Jeffrey Seder worked for Citicorp’s International Banking Division in New York City and later served as Chairman of Craftex Mills, Inc. ( large textile manufacturing and marketing firm), and CEO of the 40 store Boston Stores retail chain. A licensed attorney and member of the Pennsylvania Bar, he is also the founder and CEO of The Big Picture Alliance, a non-profit filmmaking program for disadvantaged inner-city teens. Jeffrey Seder reviews samples of his proprietary slow-motion video gait analysis at a Florida auction.

Sr. Vice President Patrice Miller

Consumate Horsewoman & Advisor to Houyhnhnm Stables Partnersips

The daughter of a horseman, Patti Miller began avidly fox hunting, pony racing, and steeplechase racing in early childhood, eventually becoming one of the nation’s first professional female jockeys. From the University of Arizona she went on to veterinary technology training, and then worked for a series of world-renowned trainers on the East and West Coast, she became a leading trainer at Delaware Park and has saddled track record holders at a number of major East Coast racetracks.

Patti Miller’s acclaimed horsemanship has been instrumental in EQB’s success, and she serves as an advisor to Houyhnhnm Stables.