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Houyhnhnm Story

It’s pronounced win ’em.
It says a lot about who we are —

Through cutting-edge technology, research science, and modern management precision, EQB has charted an astonishingly successful, intensely disciplined new approach to Thoroughbred racing performance. As a result, EQB became an integral partner in the unparalleled success of some of the most winning racing stables and Bloodstock agents in the world.

EQB’s Pennsylvania lay up and breeding facility, HOUYHNHNM FARM, and its past experience in research through operating Houyhnhnm Stable, have helped clients in the on-going care and management of their race horses.

Appropriately, this facility takes its name from the supernatural race of highly intelligent, articulate horses introduced in Book IV of Jonathan Swift’s monumental literary classic Gulliver’s Travels. The Houyhnhnm are by far the most admirable and refined of all the fantastic beings Gulliver encounters. Within the world they inhabit, the Houyhnhnm lord over their relatively untamed and boorish human counterparts. Their society operates as a progressive democracy governed entirely by reason. The Houyhnhnm have no concept of deceit or conflict; they are wise, noble, gallant, supremely rational creatures. In the interest of healthy offspring and optimum evolutionary advancement, they allow only genetic compatibility to dictate their mating habits.

Particularly with respect to honesty, reason, and a progressive pursuit of knowledge, the virtues and values of the Houyhnhnm are a fitting nod to the exceptional principles and work ethic behind Houyhnhnm Farm.